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36ème congrès du PCF: accès au dossier (en lien)

10 février 2011 4 10 /02 /février /2011 17:11

Faire vivre et renforcer le PCF






International Meeting of Communists

Paris 26 February 2011 


The present capitalist crisis undermines the dominant liberal ideology that announced the « end of communism » and, with it, the « end of History » in the 1990s.


Across the globe, major movements have developed seeking a rupture with capitalism. In Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt, rooted in class struggles, the people are shaking the dictators who are lackeys of outdated imperialist ideals. In Latin America, the construction of socialism continues.


Socialism remains the order of the day in the ideological battle despite the liberal discourse on the failure of « real Socialism » in the 20th Century.

In Europe, under the aegis of the European Union, the destruction of progressive and democratic advances, unheard-of since 1945 (in Western Europe), has been met by massive opposition and protests.


On the one hand, the existence and strengthening of revolutionary parties, communist parties, with Marxist-Leninist heritage, are more than ever necessary.


On the other, their weakening, ideologically and structurally, over the last 30 years weighs heavily on the results of conflicts and on the union movement. 


Our analysis is based on the situation here. This past autumn, millions of workers protested throughout France against the destruction of the pensions system.


At the same time, among workers and the young, there is a greater interest for our party and what our party represents in France both historically and today. The 90th anniversary of the PCF has aroused renewed interest in the party through initiatives held across the country.  

The past and the future of our party, of communist parties throughout the world, are a key to class struggle. Strong pressure is coming form both inside and outside the PCF to force us to deny our own ideological foundations; to force us to become merely another reformist party on the « left. » The European Left Party and the European Trade Union Confederation are the international tools that have been forged for precisely this purpose.


Within the PCF, we have struggled against this destructive process for years.

We follow assiduously developments in other countries, such as the successful meeting in Johannesburg. We publish our work online to share our experiences at http://solidarite-internationale-pcf.over-blog.net/

Today, we believe that we must intensify these exchanges.


We would like to invite you to an international meeting on the 26th February in Paris consisting of two sessions:


Saturday 26 February 2011,  Patronage laïque du 15ème, 72 avenue Félix Faure


9h00-12h00 :

« Internationalism or European integration: Communist Parties confronted by the European Left Party's reformist and destructive logic. »


De 14h30 à 17h30: « National struggles and the relevance socialism today »


A fraternal meal is planned for lunch and books will be on display. We are inviting party members for the Saturday sessions.  


Comrades from Greece (KKE), Italy, Spain (PCE/La Republica), Austria (KPÖ – Styria), Algeria (PADS), Tunisia, Cuba  have already confirmed their presence


For any further information, feel free to contact:

Anthony Crézégut – anthony.crezegut@orange.fr; pcf15@wanadoo.fr


Hoping to welcome you in February to increase co-operation and learn from one another.


Our fraternal salutations,


Corinne Bécourt, Frédéric Bernabé, Emmanuel Dang Tran, Claude Fainzang, Eric Jalade, Dominique Negri, members of the National council of the PCF

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